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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

A key focus of mine has always been to provide people with the space and time to relax and allow their bodies to rebalance and rejuvenate.

As such I decided to add another therapy to my skill set and have recently completed a Diploma in Massage Therapy at the School of Natural Therapies. So now I am ready (and excited!) to also offer massage alongside reflexology.

You can now choose to visit me purely for a massage or have an appointment with a mix of massage and reflexology as per the following:

25 minute chair massage - £20

Do you have tension in your shoulders, back, neck and/or head but don’t have time for a full massage? How about trying a fully clothed chair massage

30 minute express massage - £25

Focusing on one area of the body (e.g. shoulders, back, legs)

45 minute tension busting massage – £30

Back, neck, shoulders

60 minute relaxing massage – £38

Full body holistic massage

60 minute “Chill Out” – £38

Shoulder, neck and scalp massage with facial reflexology

75 minute “Zone Out” – £50

Back and shoulder massage with foot reflexology

liz brown massage & reflexology